Fitting a Bidet Seat on Your Toilet

There are a lot of great features available with bidet toilet seats these days. When shopping for the right bidet, you may have a list of top features you want like a remote control or heated seat or air dryer, or all of the above. You find the perfect bidet seat fully loaded with the

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Electronic vs. non-Electronic Bidet Seat Attachments

For anyone in the market to upgrade their bathroom with a bidet seat attachment, there are two general categories of bidets from which to choose: electronic and non-electronic. Electronic bidet seats are like other standard electric appliances and get their power by plugging into a standard electrical outlet. Non-electronic bidet attachments do not use an

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How to Use a Bidet

Bidets use a stream of water to wash you after using the restroom.  This contrasts to the American method, which is to rub yourself with dry paper.  If you sit back and think about it

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